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Careers and Colleges

Advanced Placement Human Geography
Get a head start! Take the AP Human Geography test and get college credit.

Association of American Geographers Career Guide
Just what does a career in geography mean? Learn all about it in this career guide from AAG.

Geography Departments
Looking into colleges? Choose one that has a geography department for courses or even a major.

GIS Careers
A 2003 Department of Labor report cited geospatial technology is a top-three emerging industry. Learn more about it with this GIS career guide.

Field Study/Study Abroad

National Geographic Student Expeditions
Students, get out and explore with National Geographic.

Study Abroad
Broaden your horizons-take part in a student exchange program, live abroad for a year, or spend your summer overseas.


Chimp Challenge
Can you learn the social reactions needed to survive in a troop of chimps?

Maps Games
Pick your level and see how much you know!

Maps: Tools for Adventure
Use maps to solve problems and save animals with the See GIS in Action game from Maps: Tool for Adventure

National Geographic GeoSpy Game
Quick! Pinpoint as many places as you can before time runs out.

Ocean Games
Explore the deep in a sub, travel aboard an icebreaker, and head to sea as a fish in these rich games from BBC.

As the newly appointed chief of the Emergency Management Agency for Bluebear County, it's your job to handle an eruption of the fictional Mount Spur. Are you up to it?

Survival Zone
Can you survive in different habitats? You've got only your foxy wiles to help you.

Virtual House: Biodiversity Connections
Explore this virtual house and see what you can learn about how the way we live can affect our planet's biodiversity.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Use a GPS and the EarthCaching website to locate and visit places that represent unique geoscience features or aspects of our Earth.

Take part in a real-life adventure game for GPS users. Hide a "treasure" or use location coordinates to find others' hidden caches.


Google Earth
Explore the world with this 3-D globe. Type in an address and zoom right down to street-level. Then try our GeoTours.

National Geographic MapMachine
Get National Geographic's award-winning atlas maps online, free.

National Geographic Xpeditions Outline Maps
These black-and-white outline maps are perfect for reports, homework, and classroom handouts. Choose the level of detail you want each map to have.


National Geographic World Music
Listen to artists from around the world, watch music videos, and more.

Smithsonian Global Sound
Travel the world—one song at a time.

News & Media

BBC Newsround
This BBC news site includes games, quizzes, polls, and chat.

Join our Facebook Page
Join our Facebook page and interact with geography-minded folks from all over the world. Upload pictures, post on our wall, and learn the latest news from My Wonderful World.

National Geographic News
Get daily news-on animals and nature, science, archaeology, and much more-with a global perspective.

Youth Radio
What would you do with your own radio show? Listen in to what the teens behind Youth Radio are doing on the environment and global issues.

In the Spotlight: Print a World Wall Map!