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Nature Center Map
Find a nature center near you, and let your family explore the local geography.

Use a GPS and the EarthCaching website to locate and visit places that represent unique geoscience features or aspects of our Earth.

Take part in a real-life adventure game for GPS users. Hide a "treasure" or use location coordinates to find others' hidden caches.

National Park Service
Explore U.S. national parks! Get park guides, activities, and more.

Smithsonian Families
Learn how to make the most of your visit to the Smithsonian Institution museums.


Google Earth
Explore the world with this 3-D globe. Type in an address and zoom right down to street-level. Then try our GeoTours.

Maps: Tools for Adventure
Use maps to solve problems and save animals with the See GIS in Action game from Maps: Tool for Adventure

National Geographic MapMachine
Get National Geographic's award-winning atlas maps online, free.

National Geographic Xpeditions Outline Maps
These black-and-white outline maps are perfect for reports, homework, and classroom handouts. Choose the level of detail you want each map to have.


BBC Newsround
This BBC news site includes games, quizzes, polls, and chat.

TIME for Kids
Catch up on current events, take polls, meet kid reporters, and more.

National Geographic Kids News
National Geographic's online news site has stories written especially for kids.

Geo Learning Tools

Geographic Resources From the Smithsonian
Select a continent and find rich online resources that span the globe.

Helping Your Child Learn Geography
This rich resource from the U.S. Department of Education includes a glossary, suggested reading, and much more.

School/Parent Organizations

Geography Clubs
Start a geography club with these easy-to-use directions from the National Council for Geographic Education.

Parent Teacher Association
Find and contact your local Parent Teacher Association.

In the Spotlight: Print a World Wall Map!