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Resources for Educators & Parents

It's that time again. Back to school means new opportunities to explore the world, whether you're a teacher, a parent, or a student. Plan now to incorporate new ways to increase geographic learning throughout the year. You can discover new places, meet new people, and learn new skills—with the right tools.

My Wonderful World-PTA Kit

My Wonderful World and the National PTA have teamed up to create a special geography-education kit for parents and teachers. Learn how your PTA can take action to boost your kids' global knowledge and get a Global School Checklist to grade your school.

Download Kit (PDF)  En Espanol (PDF)

Help us get the word out about My Wonderful World—download our TV public service ads (PSAs), then show them at your next PTA meeting or other get-together.

Download PSAs

Teachers: Get parents started. Hand out Top 10 Tips for Parents on Back-to-School Night.

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PEARL World Youth News Project: International Youth Journalism

How do teenagers learn about the world? Here's a way for them to tell us.

PEARL World Youth News (a partnership between My Wonderful World member iEARN-USA and the Daniel Pearl Foundation) is an online international news service. High-school students from around the world write, edit, and publish stories themselves, and connect with teens all over the world in the PEARL online community.

Encourage your teens to join PEARL, take the online training course, and tell us how they learn about the world. Educators, learn more and register your student or class.


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Recommended Geography Resources

Tribal Ceremony
A tribal ceremony takes flight in Ninga, Burundi. Learn more about Burundi and every other nation in People & Places. Photograph by Bruno De Hogues/Getty Images

People & Places

National Geographic's brand-new, huge People & Places supersite has photos, maps, and info on every country in the world. Need to know the average life expectancy in Japan? (It's 81.) Wonder what forms the border between Argentina and Chile? (The Andes.) And just how old are the Pyramids of Giza? (About 4,500 years.)

Dive in!

Other Great Geography Resources
CIA World Factbook Google Earth
GeographyIQ MapMachine
One-Stop Research National Geographic News
Outline Maps More Resources for Teens
Smithsonian Geographic Resources More Resources for Kids

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AP Human Geography Course
Geography Standards-Based Lesson Plans
Local Geography Alliances
Outline Maps
More Resources for Educators
Geography Action! Africa in 3-D

Find Your Local PTA
"Helping Your Child Learn Geography"
School Checklist (PDF)
Start a Geography Club
More Resources for Parents


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