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My Wonderful World is a National Geographic-led campaign—backed by a coalition of national business and non-profit organizations—to expand geographic learning in school, at home, and in communities. We want to give kids the power of global knowledge. Since the campaign launched, more than 80,000 people like you have signed up to show their support.


Geography is more than places on a map. It's global connections. People and cultures. Economics and environments.

Our young people need to know geography in order to understand today's world—and succeed in tomorrow's. But they're not getting enough of it, in or out of school.

A National Geographic-Roper survey shows half of young Americans can't locate world powers like Japan and India. Twenty percent can't even find the Pacific Ocean. Without geography, our children aren't ready for the world. With your help, we can make geography education a priority. Kids who understand our world today can succeed in it tomorrow.


We are working in concrete ways to promote the importance of global knowledge:

Public Service Advertising—National Geographic has produced television, print and radio ads for My Wonderful World and distributed them directly to media outlets across the U.S.

Coalition Projects—Members of the MY WONDERFUL WORLD coalition are sharing the word with their members and the public as well. Further, many partners are conducting their own exciting projects. For example: Budget Rent-A-Car has offered two annual "Geo Brain Game" contests for $1,000 savings bonds; the AFT has produced hundreds of thousands of summer learning posters for kids featuring geography; 4-H has launched a new state and county fair student mapping contest.

Internet Resources— is the heartbeat of the campaign, offering resources for parents, teachers, and kids as well. It is complimented by a monthly e-newsletter for those who sign up for the campaign.

Policy Advocacy—We are making it easy to tell your Members of Congress that global literacy matters and that geography education is a must for U.S. schools. We need to put the world in a world class education. More about Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act.

Events—Our Washington, D.C.-based team is attending conferences around the country handing out materials, giving speeches, and working with conference planners to spread the word.

State Coordinators—We now have local campaign leaders in 47 states. These talented educators are working to make My Wonderful World a household name by knocking on TV station doors to get the PSAs on the air, providing a presence at professional association meetings, writing letters to local papers, and more.

Our official campaign goals are concrete, too:
  • Give parents and educators ideas and hands-on tools to help children learn about the world
  • Increase the number of geographic course offerings in schools
  • Increase the number of students taking geography and geography-related courses (such as foreign language, environmental science) and participating in geographic activities (field studies, geography clubs)
  • Increase the number of community organizations that engage kids in learning about the world
  • Help policy leaders learn about the current geographic literacy crisis and motivate them to take action
What Are the Campaign Results?

So how are we doing? You be the judge of our first year:

  • More than 900 news stories have been run about the National Geographic-Roper poll and the My Wonderful World campaign worldwide, generating more than 303 million media impressions
  • $13 million in television, radio and print ad placement has been donated to show the My Wonderful World public service announcements across the U.S.
  • More than 80,000 people like you have signed up to join the campaign
  • 25 national business and nonprofit organizations have joined the campaign, pledging action and outreach
  • Congress is considering the first geography education bill in the nation’s history, called the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act, which would allocate $15 million annually for teacher training
  • State and local PTAs across the country have received kits with all the tools to host a geography-themed PTA meeting
  • was named a Webby Award finalist along with four other top sites
  • The My Wonderful World television ad has won two prestigious media industry awards: the Aurora Award and the Cine Golden Eagle

What Can You Do?

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My Wonderful World
c/o National Geographic Education Foundation
1145 17th St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20036

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